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Directors Message


Dear Students,


Our School of Fashion and Design was established in 2011 and started to work actively on 26.02.2018. The Department of Fashion Design, which is opened by the School of Fashion and Design, offers 4-year undergraduate education. Design has an important place in every stage of life. It is the design that allows to sell from the house we live to every object we use and every clothing item. Fashion design is a specialty that arises out of dizzying rapidly developing global and local requirements on the brink of a new century. Fashion, which is an area where people can concretize their imagination, has become one of the disciplines that can drive the masses by combining technology. The apparel sector is constantly demanding qualified personnel trained in fashion design in ready-to-wear, accessory design, wedding dresses , evening dresses and haute couture sectors. It is only possible for the graduates who are educated in this field to be more successful and to adapt better to the developing technology, increasing competition, changing demands and market conditions, only by taking their education to the next level.


Computer aided design studio with computer aided design and drawing programs, draping laboratuary with mannequins for fashion design studio classes, sewing laboratuary for garment production, Pattern making laboratuary for handmade crafts. There are ornament laboratuaries for works.


Our school; able to evaluate the pioneering ideas that can create fashion, analyze the target audience, know the materials and production techniques, realize fashion design, weaving and knitting surface design, printing design, garment and accessory design branches with technical, aesthetic knowledge and skills, contemporary, creative, original designs can create and to educate fashion designers. One of the main objectives of our Fashion Design Department is to enable the educated students to prepare their creative works in the field of fashion design so that they can be transformed into applicable concrete projects. It is aimed that our students will be informed in areas such as brand management and marketing, entrepreneurship, customer relations, as well as developing their skills in the fields of fashion design and presentation, fashion production, and they will be equipped with quality information that will enable them to be employed in related sectors. While accomplishing all these goals and objectives, it is among the main objectives of the Department of Fashion Design to carry out professional activities targeting the sectors related to fashion and apparel within the framework of university-industry cooperation and to contribute to the national economy through these studies.


The School of Fashion and Design attaches great importance to university-industry cooperation. This will enable the students to be close to the fashion sector throughout their education. Dear students; We are fully confident that you will be young people with high social responsibility awareness while preparing them for the future as powerful designers who will direct fashion and develop competitive designs in the market.


On behalf of our School of Fashion and Design.


Prof.Dr Ziynet ÖNDOĞAN




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