Çerez Örnek


School of Fashion and Design officially founded in 2011 started its academic studies on 26th February 2018. The school incorporates “Fashion Design Department” and “Fashion Apparel Design Department”. The education period is 4 years.
The goal of School of Fashion and Design is to train fashion designers that can evaluate pioneering fashion ideas, analyze the target groups, know material and production techniques, capable of understanding fashion design, woven and knitted fabric design, printing design, apparel and accessory design, create and produce contemporary, esthetic and unique designs. It is also aimed to educate students in a view that their designs can be converted into applicable concrete projects.
The graduates of School of Fashion and Design can work in fashion houses, in the design, product development, model application, exportation, marketing, brand management and costumer care departments of ready wear firms. They can also create their own brand and be successful in Turkey and all over the world.

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