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Industrial Design Department

The Department of Industrial Design aims to train leading industrial designers equipped with both practical expertise and theoretical depth in the fields of product, visual and spatial design.

Industrial design is the professional discipline of creating products that enhance the function, usability, value, and appearance of products, services, systems, and experiences with the goal of benefiting the user, manufacturer, community, and the environment. Industrial design education prepares students to design systems and tangible works, including consumer and recreational products, functional and industrial products, medical and computer equipment, transportation and environments, and user experience and interfaces. Industrial designers, both in terms of culture and as experts, tend to be part artists, part entrepreneurs, and part engineers.

In industrial product design, it is aimed to design innovative, aesthetic, creative, functional, marketable and competitive, ergonomic products suitable for today's technology for consumers. In today's free competition conditions, one of the most important elements that enables businesses to create consumer demand in order to provide competitive advantage is design. Considering that more than 90% of the enterprises that make up the economic system are SMEs, design becomes one of the most important criteria in industrial products in order to provide differentiation and competitive advantage for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, an important point here is that the designs should be sustainable and legally protected. Considering all these, industrial design is one of the fields of expertise that has become increasingly important as a result of rapidly developing global and local requirements in recent years.

Product design which has a very important place in transforming people's imaginations into concrete, has become one of the disciplines that can drag the masses after it, combined with today's developing technology. The product design, which has maintained its importance and privilege since the past, has started to transform into industrial products with the effect of developing technology today. As such, the education of industrial design has become increasingly important. Considering these needs of the sector, the importance of academic education in product design comes to the fore. In the Industrial Design Department, where students are planned to be admitted in line with these needs, they can evaluate the leading ideas that can shape the fashion in the design of industrial products, analyze the target audience, know the materials and production techniques, understand the importance of design, product design, service design, process design, accessory design, packaging design. It is aimed to train industrial product designers who have technical and aesthetic knowledge and skills in design and related fields, who can create and produce contemporary, creative and original designs. One of the main objectives of the department is to ensure that the students are prepared to transform their creative works in the field of industrial product design into practical concrete projects.

One of the biggest features of the Industrial Design Department is that the design education given with the strong effect of the fashion factor can be used in all sectors. For this reason, graduates of the department can work in automotive, white goods, glass, porcelain, ceramics, ornaments, shoes, clothing, furniture, stage design, jewelry, space and packaging design, marketing sector and many related sectors. Especially the design, product development, research and development and marketing departments of the enterprises are the main units where the graduates of the department are employed. Graduates can also work in interior design businesses, decoration businesses, R&D businesses, as well as establish their own design workshops and provide consultancy services to businesses.

In the Industrial Design Department, the students to be trained will be informed in areas such as brand management and marketing, entrepreneurship, customer relations, as well as improving their skills in product design, development, production and presentation, increasing their creativity and abilities, project preparation, presentation and team work. It is aimed to ensure that they are empowered, so that they are equipped with quality information that will enable them to be employed in many fields in many related sectors.

In the curriculum of our department, the demands and suggestions of the relevant non-governmental organizations and the members of the sector, has been jointly evaluated, which guided to the creation of our education-training program. This provides the graduates of the department with the advantage of being employed and successful in the sectors they are interested in. In addition, the fact that our university is located in Izmir can be counted as a separate advantage for the students who will study in this program.

Finally our department contains 5 workshops, 1 laboratory, 2 classrooms, 5 faculty member offices, 2 administrative offices in parallel to our vision. In addition, there is a conference hall, exhibition hall and foyer area open to common use in the school. There is a total of 1,192 m2 of usable area reserved for the Industrial Design Department in our school. The fact that our university is located in İzmir is a distinct advantage for the students who will study in the program.

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