Çerez Örnek

Department of Fashion Clothing Design

Fashion design is a field of expertise that has emerged from the rapidly increasing global and local requirements in recent years. Fashion, which is a field where people will embody their imaginations, has become one of the disciplines that can drag the masses by combining with technological improvements. In our Fashion Design Department; we aim to train fashion designers who can evaluate the leading ideas that can create fashion, analyze the target audience, have a knowledge on the materials and production techniques, have a grasp of fashion design and create and produce contemporary, creative and original designs in the fields of woven surface design, knitted surface design, print design, clothing design, and accessory design with the skills and knowledge that they gain with technical and aesthetic perspective through their education. One of the main objectives of the program is to ensure that the trained students prepare their creative works in the field of fashion design in a way that can turn them into practical concrete projects.

In our Fashion Design Department, an education and training program is implemented as a result of the synthesis of the curriculum of the departments that provide similar education at the national and international level, the demands and suggestions of the relevant non-governmental organizations and sector members. In our curriculum;  there are theoretical and applied courses related to design and design workshop studies, 2D and 3D computer aided design courses, various courses in the field of obtaining a current and commercial vision of success, such as fiber and fabric knowledge and courses in the field of clothing production, brand management and marketing, ergonomics and sustainability in the field of transforming creative studies into practice. In addition, with the internship at the end of the 6th semester and the "Vocational Training in Business Administration" covering the 7th semester, which are included in our curriculum, our students have the opportunity to have a practice to perform their knowledge and skills in an actual sectoral firm.

In our school, we have a computer-aided design laboratory that contains computer-aided design and drawing programs, a draping workshop with rehearsal mannequins where fashion design studio lessons are carried out, a sewing workshop where clothing production is carried out, a pattern preparation workshop where clothing patterns are prepared, a basic art workshop where basic art education is carried out and photography activities are carried out, and a photography studio for taking and processing photos with the state-of-the-art digital equipments.

Our graduates may have a professional career in various fields including the design and product development sectors, modelshops, export, marketing, brand management and customer relations departments of ready-made clothing companies. In addition, we believe that our graduates may also establish their own fashion startups in parallel to their own initiatives, they may create their own brands and achieve many successes in Turkey and in the international arena in line with their ideals.

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